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Friday, October 2, 2020

October 2020 Wingsical Whims Embroidery Designs

 Good Day to you!  Happy October and Happy Fall!

It has been since June that I have posted a Blog!  That is a long time!
That must mean I am finally settling a bit more in our New Home.
It sure has been a crazy year for all of us. 

I have had many new designs since my last post.  (not as many as I would like so far for this year so I will be playing catch up)  Especially for those that have Purchased the I want it all 2020.  There are still Memberships Available for purchase if you want every single embroidery design I have created and will create in 2020.  
You can find that link here:   I want it all 2020   I am also discounting this for the Month of October 2020.  There is no coupon required.   It will not ever be this low again.  

Also Happening this October.  I will be participating in a Embroidery Hop with 35 other designers.  So start watching for that to be posted.  The Hop starts October 12, 2020 and goes through October 18. 2020.  
My Day is:  Tuesday, October 12, 2020.   So you are going to want to make sure you are in my Facebook Group:  Wingsical Whims Designs Facebook Group  
There will be give a ways, FREEBIES and Lots of fun and games for chances to win designs from my website.  Wingsical Whims Website  

Right Now we have 2 Alphabets going.  We have the Swirl Alphabet which started some time ago. It is a very pretty Split Design and can be used for many things.  You can find this Alphabet here:   Swirl Split Alphabet  With the Alphabets each letter is FREE for 1 day.   So if you come back every day Monday through Friday you can get that letter of the day for FREE.   We are on Letter S right now.  The whole alphabet has been released as well as the Embellishment Set that goes with it. 

Also, right now we have a Halloween Ghost Alphabet going that was started yesterday.   Today's Free Letter is B.   Normally I do not have 2 going at once but I wanted this one to be fully completed before Halloween this year.   You can follow along in the Group:  Facebook Group, or check the website Monday through Friday for the new letter.  Those can be found here:   Ghost Alphabet Halloween

Every Monday I release many new designs.  All Monday releases are $1 Dollar Designs.  
This week these adorable owls were released.  

You can find all of the Embroidery $1 Designs here:  All things $1

All of our New Releases can be found here: New Designs, here is a couple of them that have been released.

Every Month we have a Design of the Month that is Free
October 2020's Design of course is Halloween themed.
You can find all of the 2020 Design of the Month here.

This Months Blog Gifts to you include both a FREEBIE for you as well as a coupon code that is worth 25% off your entire order on the website.   You must use COUPON CODE:  2020OctoberBlog at time of check out.
This months Blog Freebie is a Happy Halloween Witch Hat with Legs
You will find this FREE design here:   Happy Halloween

Also you will want to watch for another blog post this month.  It will have the Free Blog designs that I have missed the last few months plus a few other surprises.

Have a wonderful day, Everyone!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Hi there!  Welcome to the Blog.
I do apologize for not having the May Blog up.
It has been crazy crazy in my World lately.
Here was May's blog design Freebie of the Month.
You can fine this design here: Wingsical Whims Embroidery Design

I have been working on a set of hummingbird designs that have not been release yet.
Here are a few that I have completed at this time and will be on the website soon.  

These sure do take a lot of time to digitize and test and they are turning out so cute.

We have a new alphabet set started.   You can find the letters

June's Design of the Month is also on the website.
It is Free for the month of June
You can find this design here:  Design of the Month

For our class of 2020 there are a few design I have created and a Gnome set

You can find all of the Graduation designs here:  Wingsical Whims Embroidery Graduation Designs

Today is Monday so that means it is $1 Design Day.   There is a Dollar section of Embroidery Designs.  You never know what I may do on Monday.   This is this weeks designs, you can find the designs here in the New Designs section easier than the All Thing's $1 Section

I have also been working on a dog set.  There is 110 Dogs in this section.  I only have 4 completed at this time.   You can find these designs here in the Animals/Dog Section of the website.

Junes 2020 Blog Freebie can be found here.

June 2020 Blog Coupon code is for 25% off of designs this month.  
You must use coupon code:  JuneBlog202001
This coupon is good through the month of June and will expire on July 1, 2020

Feel free to join our Facebook Group:   Wingsical Whims Designs
Our Facebook Page is:   Wingsical Whims Embroidery Designs
You can also follow us on Pinterest all our new designs are there as well.  Pinterest

I hope you all have a great Month!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April is here!

Welcome to the Month of April.

April Showers Bring May Flowers.

Hope everyone is well and safe during this time and everyone is fairing well during our Stay at Home
Time.  What a crazy time for our World.   It saddens me to think of everyone whom is 
sick or who has lost their life due to this Virus.   For all of them and their families I know 
many around the world truly feel for you.   (((hugs)))

Stay Healthy Everyone!

There has been a lot going on in the past month for us here.
We sold and closed on our house.  And are in the process of building a New House.
So it has been crazy crazy here.   We have moved into a Rental House.  ahem.......  I call it the Rat House.   In my opinion it should be tore down and a new one built.   Thank goodness for the camper for extra room and storage.   That is where Lonny has been working during this Stay at Home Time.   My daughter and Grand Daughter are staying with us at this time as well since she is so close to her due date.  

I have been working on a new series called Through the Window while we are all at home.

These are FREE at this time and can be found in the group:   Wingsical Whims Designs
I am not sure how many of these I will create but for sure six of them.  I think they would make a great small display quilt.  :)

Also during this time of us all being home, I have been release 1 Free design a day.
Here are some that Have been created.   I choose to leave these FREE.  I do not believe in making 
$$$ for a tragidy such as the Coronavirus or   COVID-19.  When I see other digitizers doing this I just shake my head and think why.   But to each their own I guess.
Here are a few Free ones.  

You can find these in the FREEBIE section on the website.  

We also have a New Alphabet Started.  

The embellishment set for this will be released next week.  

Now for some fun!   
April's Blog Freebie!  :)
This little bunnies can be found Here: Wingsical Whims Designs

I have been working on making face masks for our nursing and assisted living homes.
I have not released many New designs in the last few weeks.  
Life sometimes is so busy even when you are not our working.

I do however still want to give to you a coupon code for the website for the Month of April.
I am making this a higher discount since most of us are not working.
You must use the coupon Code at time of check out.
This is for 35% off Entire Website.  Coupon is Good April 1st, 2020 to April 30th 2020

Coupon Code is:   April2020Blog143

I have a couple of New sets I need to be working on testing.
So look for some new releases next week.

You can always follow my personal wall on Facebook:  Paula Luberts
My Facebook Page:   Facebook Page
Facebook Group:   Facebook Group
Pinterest:   Pinterest
Instagram:   Instagram
Twitter:  Twitter
You can always send me an email at:

With that I say, I am thinking of everyone!

Have a Beautiful Day Everyone!  
Happy Stitching!

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October 2020 Wingsical Whims Embroidery Designs

  Good Day to you!  Happy October and Happy Fall! It has been since June that I have posted a Blog!  That is a long time! That must mean I a...